Adding weldless fittings to a brew pot be it a boil kettle, hot liquor tank or a mash tun can make brew day much easier.  After I noticed how much the typical homebrew shop charged for a hole in a pot, I took particular interest in doing it on my own.   Here is a basic guide to drilling a hole in a brew pot.

Gather Necessary Equipment

1. Nail Punch Set
2. Drill (corded perferred)
3.  Small sized metal drill bit (3/16 inch)
4.  Step bits (harbor freight has the best deal on them)
5. Metal file

hole punch and step bit

Measure and Punch

First measure out where you want to put the hole, you can use the pot handles for reference if need be.  Once you find the location use a hole punch and a hammer to dent the pot to keep the drill bit from slipping.

line up hole punch and hit with hammer

hole punched and ready for drilling

Drilling the Pilot hole

Drill the pilot hole with a small sized metal drill bit.  This is used as a guide for the larger step bit, without it things could get dangerous.

drill pilot hole

Drilling the Hole

Using the step bit, drill the  hole to the appropriate size to fit the weldless fittings.  Drill slowly step by step and do not apply excessive force.

drill hole in pot for weldless fitting

Smoothing Things Out and Assemble

Use a metal file to smooth down the inside of the hole and remove any hanging burrs.

file off metal burrs

Assemble the weldless fitting and test for leaks.

attach fittings