Basic Brewing #5 — Drinking the Beer


Drinking your homebrew

Basic Brewing #5 breaks down the three basic steps that have been listed below for drinking the beer.

1. Refrigerating the Beer
2. Pouring the Beer
3. Drinking the Beer

After the beer has been bottled and you have waited a total of two weeks it will be ready to drink. Depending on the beer style, beers such as stouts and porters, benefit from aging. Some beers such as hefeweizens get worse after about a month or two. Another thing to note here is that homemade beer has a pretty good shelf life; I have had batches last up to 8 months with no noticeable decline in taste/quality.

Refrigerating the Beer

As a general guideline beer is best served from about 40 to 55 degrees. The darker a beer is the warmer it is to be served. I tend to chill about 2-4 beers at anytime in my fridge, as I drink them I replace them. This method keeps them aging in the closet and cools them just before someone drinks one of them.

Pouring the Beer

This is a very important step to fully enjoying your new homebrew. Since home brewer’s do not have the expensive filtration systems breweries have, we are stuck with a yeast layer at the bottom of our bottles. Avoid pouring this yeast layer in with the rest of the beer, yeast can have a laxative effect. To do this tilt the bottle gently and pour the beer slowly, so you do not disturb the yeast layer at the bottom. Leave the last half inch in the bottom of the bottle.

do not pour the yeast layer

do not pour the yeast layer

I advise washing the bottle immediately and letting it drain, this will help when cleaning and sanitizing for the next batch.

washing out a bottle, right after pouring the beer out of it

washing out a bottle, right after pouring the beer out of it

Drinking the Beer

Finally, the day has come to taste your month long creation. Take time to notice all of the qualities of your new beer. Evaluate the flavor, aroma, color, bitterness or sweetness, carbonation level and its overall body. Think about these attributes every time you have one of your new brews, this helps when checking the effects of aging. Ok so your beer tastes pretty good, what are you suppose to do next? Invite friends over, everyone loves free beer, get them to try it out and ask how they like it.

amazing hefe that I brewed in Jan 2009

amazing hefe that I brewed in Jan 2009

That’s it for the Basic Brewing Articles, go check out the Advanced Brewing Articles for more information spanning all kinds of topics in homebrewing . Thanks for reading and go brew more beer!


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