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Homebrew Belgian Witbier Recipe

pint of hefeweizen on the back deck

pint of witbier on the back deck

White beer, witbier, as it is called in Belgium is a unfiltered, top fermented, bottle conditioned wheat beer. It gets its name from suspended yeast and wheat proteins which make the beer look white when cold.  Due to the low hop content, freshness is very important to this style.  A witbier is often well carbonated and low in hop bitterness, aroma and flavor.  For more on the Witbier style check out Wheat Beer Styles: Weiss vs Wit. Below is a 5 gallon All-Grain home brew recipe for a Belgian witbier. 


2 lbs. American 2-row
3 lbs. German Malted White Wheat (light)
3 lbs. German Malted Wheat (light)

Hops and Schedule

.30 oz. Hallertauer (Pellets, 4.50 %AA) boiled 60 min.
.70 oz. Hallertauer (Pellets, 4.50 %AA) boiled 15 min.
1 oz Crushed Coriander(optional for adding citrus flavor) boiled 15 min.
Orange Zest from a fresh orange boiled 15 min.


Safbrew WB-06

Mash Schedule

Protein rest at 120 degrees for 20-30 minutes is recommended.
Strike grains at 162 degrees.
Mash grains at 152 degrees for 60 minutes.
Sparge with 160-165 degree water.

Boil Instructions

Bring to boil and add hops per schedule.
At end of 60 minute boil cool wort quickly, when it reaches 80 degrees pitch yeast.

Measurements (Witbier)

OG – 1.044 – 1.052
FG – 1.008 – 1.016
Color(SRM) – 2-4
IBUs – 10-20
ABV 4.5-5.5%

Ferment Instructions

Ferment between 63 – 70 degrees for 2 weeks, I don’t bother racking this witbier recipe.

Bottling Instructions

Prime with 3/4 cup corn sugar and bottle. Condition in bottle for at least 1.5 weeks, best between 2-4 weeks after bottled.