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Homebrew Belgian Dark Strong Ale Recipe


A Belgian dark strong ale is traditional brewed very rich, malty, complex and strong.  The color is often a deep amber to amber, the dark in the title simply helps distinguish this ale from its golden counterpart.  Belgian dark strong ales are typically separated into two categories, Trappist versions tending to be drier and medium in body and Abbey version usually sweeter and full in body.  This recipe has a high grain bill, one crazy primary fermentation and should yeild something around 10%.   Listed below is a 5 gallon All-Grain homebrew belgian dark strong ale recipe.


12 lbs. German Pilsner Malt
1 lbs. < href=””>German Wheat Malt
2 lbs. Caramel/Crystal 20°L
2 lbs. Caramel/Crystal 60°L
.25 lbs. Belgian Special B

Hops/Spices/Sugars and Schedule

2 oz. East Kent Goldings (Pellets, 5.00 %AA) boiled 60 min.
.25 oz. Coriander Seed boiled 5 min.
2 lbs. Amber Candi Sugar boiled 5 min.
1 oz. Hallertauer (Pellets, 4.80 %AA) boiled 0 min.


Wyeast Labs Trappist High Gravity Yeast (1 Smack pack)
Note – I used a two day starter here, to get the yeast really hungry.

Mash Schedule

Strike grains at 160 degrees.
Mash grains at 150 degrees for 75 minutes.
Sparge with 170 degree water.

Boil Instructions

Bring to boil and add hops per schedule.
At end of 60 minute boil cool wort quickly, when it reaches 80 degrees pitch yeast.

Measurements (Belgian Dark Strong Ale)

OG – 1.075 – 1.110
FG – 1.010 – 1.024
Color(SRM) – 12-22
IBUs – 20-35
ABV –  8-11%

Ferment Instructions

Primary ferment between 68 – 70 degrees for 1.5 week, then rack to secondary for 2-3 weeks.  Caution on the primary fermentation, it will be vigorous and I suggest using a blow off hose if possible.

Bottling Instructions

Prime with 3/4 cup corn sugar and bottle. Condition in bottle for at least 3-4 weeks.  Gets better with age, months.