Roko PerosRoko Peros,  Software/Web Developer and Brewer
I am a self-taught web developer and home brewer living in Raleigh, NC. I am the creator and editor of BrewMoreBeer.com. I was originally born in Zaton, Croatia and moved to America with my family in 1985. I really enjoy brewing beer with my good friend Al Phil, listening to good music and designing websites.  Al and I brew on a homemade four tiered all grain gravity fed brewing system named black betty.  I not only have a passion for brewing beer but I enjoy sharing with others everything that I learn.  Special thanks go out to my wife Andrea, parrot Ozzy and bulldog Walter, for putting up with my Web/Brewing mayhem.  Read more about our brewing adventures, as I share our personal experiences in home brewing.

Print Recipe Homebrew Belgian Dark Strong Ale Recipe A Belgian dark strong ale is traditional brewed very rich, malty, complex and strong.  The color is often a deep amber to amber, the dark in the title simply helps distinguish this ale from its golden counterpart.  Belgian dark strong ales are typically separated into two categories, Trappist versions tending to be drier and medium in body and Abbey version usually sweeter and full in body.  This recipe has a high grain bill, one crazy primary fermentation and should yeild something around 10%.   Listed... [Read more]

Adding weldless fittings to a brew pot be it a boil kettle, hot liquor tank or a mash tun can make brew day much easier.  After I noticed how much the typical homebrew shop charged for a hole in a pot, I took particular interest in doing it on my own.   Here is a basic guide to drilling a hole in a brew pot. Gather Necessary Equipment 1. Nail Punch Set 2. Drill (corded perferred) 3.  Small sized metal drill bit (3/16 inch) 4.  Step bits (harbor freight has the best deal on them) 5. Metal file hole punch and step bit Measure and Punch First measure out where you... [Read more]

It is easy to calculate percent alcohol in beer and it only requires two important measurements.  A beers alcohol level is measured in Alcohol by Volume (ABV), it is the calculated amount of the total volume of liquid that is alcohol.  The density of a liquid is often measured in unit of specific gravity, where water has an approximate density of 1.00 g/mL or a specific gravity of 1.000 at 60F.  The specific gravity of a liquid is a comparison of its density vs the density of water. Gravity Readings During the fermenting process, yeast is added and the yeast eat... [Read more]

While calculating the overall water necessary to conduct a  full mash , batch sparge  and boil it is important to note how much water will be lost in the spent grains.  I use the basic equations below when calculating the amount of water necessary when brewing an all grain beer. Amount of Water for Mash = (Pounds of Grain) x 1.25 quarts/pound (divide by 4 to get gallons) Amount of Water to Batch Sparge with = (Final Boil Volume) + (Shrinkage/Evaporation) + (Equipment Losses) + (Spent Grains) – (Amount of Water for Mash) From what I have experienced on my... [Read more]

  Using a stir plate can help a yeast starter grow faster and healthier quicker.  Brewing 10 gallons batches can get expensive so I have looked at all kinds of different ways to cut down on ingredients cost.  Using a stir plate along with a yeast starter allows you to purchase one packet of yeast for a standard 10 gallon ale recipes or high gravity brews or even lagers. Everything in this do it yourself can be purchased at RadioShack or taken from old electronics around the house.  This is a great project to show your wife that the old PC in your closet, shes... [Read more]