Roko PerosRoko Peros,  Software/Web Developer and Brewer
I am a self-taught web developer and home brewer living in Raleigh, NC. I am the creator and editor of BrewMoreBeer.com. I was originally born in Zaton, Croatia and moved to America with my family in 1985. I really enjoy brewing beer with my good friend Al Phil, listening to good music and designing websites.  Al and I brew on a homemade four tiered all grain gravity fed brewing system named black betty.  I not only have a passion for brewing beer but I enjoy sharing with others everything that I learn.  Special thanks go out to my wife Andrea, parrot Ozzy and bulldog Walter, for putting up with my Web/Brewing mayhem.  Read more about our brewing adventures, as I share our personal experiences in home brewing.

Create a Kegerator to Serve Homebrew A kegerator to help dispense your kegged homebrew beer is a must.  Here is a step-by-step DIY on how to build a dual tap kegerator for homebrew. It is totally possible to have access to two separate cold brews at the same time by creating your very own kegerator for under $200. Purchase Equipment 1.  Used Old Refrigerator (craigslist.com) — $60 2.  2 Perlick Perl SS Faucets (amazon.com) — $65 shipped 3.  2  Beer Shanks – Chrome Plated 4″ 3/16″ bore — $35.00 4.  2 Tail Piece 3/16″ —... [Read more]

Print Recipe Homebrew Russian Imperial Stout Recipe Russian Imperial Stout Recipe Bourbon Barrel Aged A Russian imperial stout is often full bodied, high alcohol(imperial) with heavy roast and bittersweet flavors.  Imperial stouts are often coupled with an addition of chocolate or coffee during fermentation.  This is the absolute best beer style to bourbon barrel age in my opinion.  The history is similar to the IPA, where stouts brewed in England were brewed with higher gravity and hops in order to survive the sea voyage to Russia.  To learn more about stouts... [Read more]

Do you have a spare bourbon barrel lying around your place waiting for you to make your next bourbon barrel aged (BBA) homebrew beer? Me neither. So you can either try to find one or you can just go to your local homebrew store and pick up some oak chips, cubes or staves like I did. Even if I did have a barrel at my disposal I think I would still prefer to use oak chips anyway. Oak chips allow you to more easily control the amount of bourbon and oak flavors per batch. You can always add more chips but you can’t add more barrel. So let’s get started, first you need... [Read more]

If you are  thinking about kegging homebrewed beer here is an article showing  how easy and helpful kegging can be.  Why keg?  Well to me coming up with empty bottles, cleaning them and having to wait two weeks before trying your beer was getting old quick.  Plus how cool is it to always have beer on tap at the house and cut bottle day to a 30 minute transfer session.  In the article below I will describe the equipment used in kegging homebrewed beer, how to sanitize the kegs, how to transfer your beer to kegs and how to serve your beer from kegs. Purchase... [Read more]

Print Recipe Homebrew Oktoberfest Lager Recipe Oktoberfest Lager is traditionally brewed in Germany around the end of spring and stored in caves during the summer months to condition.  This well aged lager is then drank during the traditional Oktoberfest celebrations in early fall.  It is often brewed smooth, clean and malty.  An Oktoberfest (Octoberfest) Lager is often medium in body and has a darker gold to orange-red color.  Flavor is often characterized has having an initial malty sweetness and an overall dry finish.   Listed below is a 5 gallon All-Grain... [Read more]